Name, Location, Boundary and Area:
In the beginning, the name Rustam was given to this area after the name of Rustam Khan. A person named Sauod khan came from Swat here with his three sons (Rustam Khan, Mian Khan, and Jaan Khan). Sauod khan had died here, His sons buried him here. that time this area was a forest.
Jaan Khan went to Hazara, Mian Khan to Babozai and Rustam khan stayed here. The second view is, Rustam the famous wrestler lived here. But this view is not too strong nor available any historical document about this.
Rustam lies between 34.3500° N latitude and 72.2833° E longitude. Rustam (also Known As Sudhum) is a beautiful region at north east of district Mardan, Surrounded by high hills from three sides of
Chengay baba (east), Kara maar (south), Sakrah (northwest) And Sar Malang (northeast). High hills from three sides enhance the beauty of Sudhum area. Rustam Population is About 500,000
Chengay baba mountain (also called Chanry) is known as Chengay baba Name, Chengay baba was a great Wali ullah and his shrine is located at the foot of this mountain. There is a natural water spring, This mountain is located at the east side of Rustam.
Kara Maar mountain is located at the south side. Kara Maar mountain is famous for Pashto folk story Yoasf khan Sher bano. Their tomb is situated on the top of this hill. The first pashto film on this pashto love story named Yoasf khan Sher bano was picturised in Chengay baba and Kara maar mountain.
Sakrah (also called pajja) is a mountain in northwest of Rustam, famous for the historic cave named Kashmir Smast. Kashmir Smast is famous throughout the world, and is the center of attraction for archaeologists. Peak of the Sakrah is the highest peak in district Mardan 2056 meters high.
Sar Malang mountain is located at the northeast side. A road has been constructed to Bunir via Sar Malang mountain. Here at the top of Sar Malang a bungalow was built , unfortunately the bungalow has been destroyed in the Bunir operation. The shrine of Masoom Baba also located here.


The summer season is extremely hot. A steep rise of temperature is observed from May to June. Even in July, August and September record quite high temperatures. During May and June dust storms are frequent at night. The temperature reaches its maximum in the month of June i.e. 41.50 degree centigrade. Due to intensive cultivation and artificial irrigation, the tract is humid and heat is oppressive. However, a rapid fall of temperature has been recorded from October onwards. The coldest months are December and January. The mean minimum temperature recorded for the month of January the coldest month is 2.09 degree centigrade.

Most of the rainfall occurs in the months of July, August, December and January. Maximum rainfall was recorded for the month of August the rainiest month is 125.85 mm. Towards the end of cold weather there are occasional thunderstorms and hail storms. The relative humidity is quite high throughout the year while maximum humidity has been recorded in December i.e. 73.33 percent.

Streams And Canal:

Generally stream flows from North to the South. There are two streams, Lond Hwar and Wach Hwar. both streams drain into Kabul River via Kalpani, A Canal flows here too which comes from Swat river near Nawa Kali.


Rustam is known as the best agricultural area in the country. Its land is very suitable for cultivation of sugarcane and tobacco. The major crops grown in the district are wheat, sugarcane, tobacco, maize, rapeseed and mustard etc. Rustam's mustard Oil is famous through out the country Fruits and vegetables are also grown here. Orange of Beroch and Palo Dhery is also famous fruit in Pakistan. The important fruits are orange, plum, peach, apricot, pear, rare mango and apple.


There are good road connections to Mardan And Bunir. A new access road has being constructed to Bunir through kalo dhery, malandri. Buses, flying coachs and private vehicles are the main ways of
Transport. The nearest Airport is Peshawar International Airport. Now (Bacha khan International Airport)